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B. Zedan

Writing speculative fiction skinned over folktale tropes, drawing absolute nonsense, building monsters, and sharing the process along the way.

I’m B. Zedan and my dayjob is content editing, then I go home create as much ridiculous content missing from this world as possible. Sometimes that’s making sure the world doesn't miss out on some delightful but obscure research, other times that’s  writing a fantasy novel that I wish had existed when I was a lonely, rural, mixed-race kid.

I’ve been shouting into the welcoming void of the internet for a long time now (hello,  weirdly still-popular tutorial for making paper from 2005), making everything that comes to mind.

What is it you do again?

I absolutely love to make things. To be honest, I prefer making things more than thinking of things to make, so I love helping make other folks’ ideas happen. But you know what I really love? The process of making something. And, as much as I love sharing that process in general, some projects aren’t quite ready to share (or will never be ready to share) but that I really want to share. That's what this is for, so I could share things with folks as excited about the stuff I make as I am.

A series of six narrow vertical slices of images showing, from left to right: A photograph of a donkey standing behind a fence, so only the nose and ears are visible, an embroidered leaf in the process of being couched, dark manicured nails holding a miniature bundle of beets, yellow and orange marigolds painted on black paper, mini-comics in black and white, a pile of typed pages with a red correction pen resting on them.

I work in a lot of different disciplines, but sometimes that stuff doesn't get farther than "I made this," because creative endeavours are a fickle damn beast and you'll never know if disassembling an almost life-size plastic skeleton to make a chest plate for what is, let's face it, a niche cosplay (shout out to the Locked Tomb) is going to work out or not (spoiler, it did). And sometimes you just want to create the interstitial strangeness of a phone call but with Twine or make a quiz that tells you what Aarne-Thompson-Uther Index number you are.




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