Soft Chaos

A worker-owned game design co-op

Hi! We’re Soft Chaos, a worker-owned game design cooperative that creates critically-engaged, intimate, vulnerable, and unique interactive experiences. Our work includes experimental videogames, tabletop games, larps, art installations, and interactive performances.

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As award-winning designers, we draw on our lived experiences as members of marginalized and underrepresented groups to bring radically playful perspectives, positive social impacts, and [randomized trait from a cheeky list]1 to our work.

In short, we create cool stuff while modeling alternative practices to the exploitative working conditions in the game industry and encouraging others to do the same.

1The Cheeky List: a lot of glitter, sushi parties, large, cumbersome brass instruments, claymation, strong opinions on Britney Spears’ conservatorship #freebritney, well-sung musicals, mandatory dance parties, raw sexiness, rock and/or roll, cosplay enthusiasts, the most queerness, quantum entanglement, all your diversity penance money, fully automated luxury gay space anarcho-communism, a long gaze into the abyss, a passion for CSI Cyber, fibre arts, four or more cats, anime hair




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