Erika Phoenix in orange text underneath  reads Erika Might Be Bees against a blue background. A  cartoon rendering of  a fair, red haired clown with a big red nose looking curiously to the left is bottom right. Above her head is a halo of bees.

Erika Phoenix

Fragments of unbridled silliness and hope translated through live streams, conversations, art, and writing.

Erika Phoenix (she/they) is a non-binary theatre artist, visual artist, director, educator, and writer.

I am currently working on a few projects:
- The Midnight Theatre Kids: Research and Interviews about how theatre artists and performers of all backgrounds adapted to online creation during the pandemic lockdowns. A way to inspire performers and small teams to develop online live and hybrid performance work.
- ErikaMightBeBees on Twitch: Silly streams of games, visual and performance art, and workshops. The Midnight Theatre Kids conversations are also initially streamed on here.
- A poetry manuscript exploring body horror, southern gothic, capitalism, and the earth
- Sad Clowns - Just paintings of sad clowns.




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