Posted by jekagames on Oct 24, 2022

Today, Soft Chaos had our very first design session about a new untitled virtual escape room project! This project picks up on the work that we started when we had been granted a residency at the SAT for a VR project but had to drop out of because of team members getting sick. That project, In My Room, was intended to be a kind of VR Escape Room project for the SAT's custom Mozilla Hub. 

For this digital escape room project, what we've determined so far is that we want to use existing tech solutions to design something for a fixed number of players. We also want to use the mood boards and aesthetics that we came up with for In My Room to inform our art direction.

The moodboard for the first planned room of the In My Room project,featuring black and white, 2D effects in 3D spaces.

[The moodboard for the first planned room of the In My Room project, featuring black and white, 2D effects in 3D spaces.]

The moodboard for the objects that could be found within Room Two of the In My Room project, featuring organic, alien things.

[The objects that might be found in Room Two of the In My Room project, featuring play with light and organic, alien-seeming things.]

Having spent the summer and early fall mostly doing client work and working on a publication-version of *Strangers on the 'Net*, I think I speak for all of us when I say that we're eager to work on something new that is also ours. I love *Strangers*, and I'm so excited for there to be a version that others can use to run the game and have the same kinds of delightful experiences that we have had with it. But there's definitely a different quality to working on something new and the exploratory phases that come with that. 

One of the headers for the Strangers on the 'Net rulebook

[One of the headers for the Strangers on the 'Net rulebook.]

So, today was Day One of the new project! I'll be looking forward to sharing more with you as it happens. 



It is kind of incredible how many chances you get to test your assumptions when you form a worker cooperative (or most forms of business, I imagine). In hindsight, I don't think it should have been as much of a surprise to me that I don't have as much time as a co-founder to do the amount of rapid prototyping that I used to. 

So, when I look at our plans for tiers from around this time last year in late September and think of what we've done in the past year, the expectations and the reality don't align. We thought that we would be able to sustain one prototype a month, but that really hasn't been the case. Our administrative hours and client work really add up to a lot of time spent on projects other than our own very quickly! 

So, with that in mind, we'll be looking to revamp the tiers to make sure that they're achievable and sustainable. The reason this is relevant is because, thanks to all of your generosity, we're nearly at our first goal! We're currently at 119 and that first goal is set at 150! A monthly livestream still feels achievable, and we hope we'll reach that goal soon so that we can share our process more directly with you. As new milestones come into view, we'll have to think through what makes sense to do. We'll keep you posted!

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