Posted by jekagames on Sep 17, 2021

Welcome, welcome! The Soft Chaos Cooperative is excited by all of you who have decided to join in on the chaos so far! Thank you. We can't wait to share cool stuff with you!

We wanted to let you know what you can expect from us on here in a bit more detail. In a nutshell, the more support that we have, the more that we'll be able to make! For now, you can expect a written post from us every two weeks about different topics related to design, from behind-the-scenes development diaries to retrospectives and reflections on past projects, starting with this post explaining our future plans for Comradery. 

From here, we plan to create target monthly funding goals that will allow us to pay ourselves a fair wage to create cool things for you. Here are a few of the goals we have in mind so far!

  • At 150$/month, we will add a monthly live stream of one of our design sessions. So far, we plan for these to happen on the last Wednesday of the month. Come see how we make things! For an example of what this might look like, check out Jess and Squinky designing a game based on audience suggestions as part of the IndieCade Alt.Ctrls Stream.
  • At 250$/month, we will do periodic polls where you'll be able to give your opinions and suggestions about what we should work on next!
  • At 300$/month, we will increase the frequency of our posts to once a week, and every month, one of those posts will feature stories about (and pictures of!) our pets! 
  • At 500$/month, we will be able to release one game prototype a month. (And you'll get a digital copy of it, so long as it's digital!)
  • At 2500$/month, we will be able to afford to fund the creation of one small, finished game project every three months. (And you'll get a digital copy of it, so long as it's digital!)
  • At 6000$/month, we will be able to create one larger game project per year, funded entirely by supporters on Comradery. (And you'll get a digital copy of it, so long as it's digital!)
  • At 23 500$/month, the dream: we will be able to pay each current member of Soft Chaos a fair wage and we can then focus on making our own projects full time. 


When you help us hit a specific monthly funding goal, you are helping to unlock that content for the whole community! Anyone who pledges a dollar or more with us will have access to all locked content that we distribute through Comradery. So, when you give us a little more, you're helping everyone who supports us enjoy what we're able to make as a direct consequence of your generosity! 

For now, the one exception that we foresee in the future is when it comes to physical rewards. For those folks who want physical rewards, there will be tiered options to cover the cost of making the physical goods and shipping them. Those will come out when we have something that we want you to be able to hold in your hands!  

Meanwhile, more and more features are about to go live on Comradery, and we'll be exploring what we can do with those as well. We also just started a new creative project last week that we're looking forward to sharing details about in the next little while! 


Look out for our next update in two weeks! 

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