Comic strip. Panel 1- a nonbinary anthropomorphic raccoon sniffs a pot of coffee in a kitchen. Panel 2- they turn to face someone off-screen, and point at the pot with an excited expression. Big question marks and exclamation marks are behind them.

Qynce B. Chumley

Art sucks and I can't stop making it. Comics, etc.

I'm a trans artist living on Potawatomi land in so-called "Kalamazoo," "MI." I make comics, fiction, zines, paintings, and lots of other stuff, too. My main project right now is my upcoming graphic novel Glued in Place, which I will be self-publishing in June 2022:

After four grueling years, Cramsey finally has their degree. The plan had been grad school next, but they find themself burnt-out and sick of academia. Unsure of what to do and longing for familiarity, they move back to their rural hometown and their brother Buddy gets them a job installing carpet. Their new co-workers have never heard the word ‘nonbinary,’ and the only thing they’re confused about more than Cramsey’s gender is why somebody with a B.A. in math would ever choose to spend their time pulling up carpets.

Cramsey runs face first into the realization that they've changed, for better and for worse, and the comfort of home they were looking for might not be there anymore.

I'll be posting lots of development art and stuff for that here, as well as for any other projects I'm working on! My intent is to do at least weekly 'studio updates' with pix and thoughts from my brain about what I'm up to. **(Currently I am knee deep in finishing up the book and posts are sparse, but very soon I will be posting more and have lots and lots of things to share once I have a spare moment to breathe!)** My posts here will always be free to read for anybody; they will never be exclusive to supporters.

However, donations are appreciated and help me survive capitalist hell. As I've been more seriously pursuing comics as a thing I do -- to some degree -- profesionally (whatever that means) I've been pretty consistently un- or under-employed and just scrapin by, and any amount of support helps me continue to make art and be active in my community, which also supports my art in the end. 


Thanks, love you, etc.,


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