Smeared chartreuse text on a black background says "CHARGER COUNTY," below that in small scribbled letters "CATHYGJOHN.NET," with a pencil illustration of a worried-looking dog biting a chain with it's tongue hanging out, wearing a spiked collar.

Cathy G. Johnson + CHARGER COUNTY

Cathy G. Johnson is a Cartoonist, Printmaker and Educator + CHARGER COUNTY is her webcomic.

Hello! My name is Cathy G. Johnson, I'm an award-winning cartoonist, printmaker and educator. I make comics, prints, paintings, drawings and zines. My work delves into the complicated worlds of young people, exploring the hardships and joys of adolescence. You can learn more about my work at

I am currently working hard on my new graphic novel, CHARGER COUNTY, set to be published by Silver Sprocket in 2025. I'm currently archiving it as a webcomic. You can start reading it at

This Comradery acts as a subscription to CHARGER COUNTY, and you will get updates directly to your inbox every time I add new comic pages. Your membership supports me as I work on this huge project. I love posting my comics for free for everyone to read. Your monthly support helps me make that happen. Thank you.

I am also a printmaker. I’m a Studio Member at Binch Press / Queer Archive Work, which is a cooperative printmaking studio centering queer + trans artists and artists of color. I will be sharing printmaking work on this Comradery as well.