a mechanical being with four limbs and a faceless head floating above their neck. with their limbs they are pulling on strings of color formed into soundwaves.

the paradoxical renegade

process notes and musings by mk (a. fell)

hi! my name is mk and i am a writer!

the work that i do primarily focuses on the connections between people (especially found families) and finding levity in dark times. i am a big believer in happy endings and subverting expectations. there is nothing more that i love than finding the weirdest situation you can think of, looking it dead in the eye, and thinking "eh, i've seen something weirder." everything i write is speculative— sci-fi, weird horror, urban fantasy.

my work runs the gamut of structure from poetry to fiction to plays to tabletop games. i am queer, jewish, and autistic; and i strive to put work that looks like me into the world. much of my work that exists now are pen-and-paper RPGS, typically using playing cards, tarot cards, or other things you could consider an "oracle" in order to help guide play.

if you would like to see some of the work i do, you can find my games and some of my self-published poetry on my itch! if hearing is more of your thing, i'm also part of an actual-play podcast that tells one-shot stories using tabletop games that don't require a game master, which you can find on twitter at @ftlcast

my cover photo, by the way, is a character of mine drawn by the INCREDIBLE sasha reneau, creator of the tabletop game spindlewheel. you can find them at @sashareneau on twitter.




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