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TGaMG Development Blog (Devlog) #1

Posted by slitherpunk on Oct 08, 2021

Woah, hello. This is my first post here on Comradery. Exciting! Welcome. I think one thing I am going to use this space for is devlogs. And I've had a game in the oven for a bit of time now called: Tambourine Girl and Miss Gemini. A 3D platforming game about a psychic girl, her mutant cat, the adventures they go on in a strange future world, and a doomsday cult that got their wish. It is styled to look as if it were for some old huanted 90s console that never actually existed, and has some of the quirks of games of that time.

Screenshot of the titual Tamburine Girl and her cat Miss Gemini in a grassy area in front of a red door.

Tambourine Girl and Miss Gemini in a grassy area, there are carrots in the ground, and one floating near Tambine Girl, there is an enemy nearby, a bird wearing a mask with a pointy nose.

In this game, you can do your basic platformer movments, move, run, jump. There is a simple combat system inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2. Tambourine Girl can use her psychic powers to uproot plants, and use them to throw at enemies. The circle in that screenshot shows where the plant will be thrown, which is moved around in whatever direction the player walks in.

Miss Gemini is in  the center of the screenshot, around a snowy area, there is a giant blue dog with 4 eyes and 3 tails. Miss Gemini says: "That big dog is very annoying. What does it even need that many eyes for?"

At most times, the player can chat with Miss Gemini, who has some helpful or not so helpful things to say. There are going to be a total of 4 levels in this game, each taking about 20-30 minutes to complete, and some post game as well. Right now, I would estimate this game is approximately 60% done. What I have left to complete is some later level designs, boss fights, cutscenes, and general polishing.

There is a boss at the end of each level, each having a few clues about this world and what happened to it. Maybe it's something we can figure out?

Tambourine Girl and Miss Gemini are in a dark place that is lush with greenery. There is a fall of lava in the background. Tehre is a masked figure standing in the distance with a cloak covered in vines and jars.

At the end of each level, Tambourine Girl and Miss Gemini relax at a campfire with their guardian parent Addi, and have a little bit of dialoge. I'm feeling really good about the writing of this game, and can't wait for people to get to see it more.

Tambourine Girl and Miss Gemini are at a campfire with Addi, dressed in an orange poncho and cowboy hat holding some sort of stringued instrument, an RV is parked to the side. It is night time. Addi says "Heya, kiddo. Big day today huh?"

I might try and get a devlog monthy, or maybe sooner, depending on what I get done or what I figure I want to show off! But in any case, it's been a slow process making this game but I'm excited to show any more of it off because I'm pretty proud of it so far! xoxo

- Autumn Rain

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