Autumn Rain

Autumn Rain Makes Quite Odd and Fantastic Video Games

Oh, hello there. I am Autumn Rain. I have made a few "Video Games" before, such hits like "Sewer Rave", "Limbocore", and "I Am Brewing You Alive But You Can Leave At Any Time If You Really Want To". My work is often a reflection of my emotion, and I love to make weird and eccentric content with some real heart to it. And I would love to make even more games, did you know?

Well, supporting me here on Comradery is an awesome way to make that happen! With more support I'd be able to dedicate more time toward making new experiences. I am a transfem trying to transition, so any support really goes a long way in helping out! If you want to take a look at my whole portfolio of work, please take a look at my page!

Currently, on this Comradery page, anyone will have access to my blog posts about my dev process, and any other thoughts I might have! In the future, there may be more, as the platform evolves! Why not come along for the adventure?




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