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Disability Fiction and Nonfiction

By Robert Kingett

I'm an author and anthology editor that aims to publish fiction with disabled characters that everybody can enjoy. As for my nonfiction, I aim to give non-disabled people an authentic look into the lives of Blind people, including mine.

I always strive to do more, but I have done a few things I am quite proud of already.

I'm asking for money so I can create more content. Right now, I have to find other ways of supporting myself to supplement my writing. At the moment, I'm not able to create as much content as I'd like to. with your support, I could create more content comfortably in an industry that struggles to include me.

I'd love to write full time. If you can't become a supporter yourself, share this page with a friend or loved one who loves seeing themselves represented in literature!




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Posted by Robert Kingett on Aug 20, 2021
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