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Disability Writings

Stories and books by Robert Kingett.

I'm an author and anthology editor that aims to publish fiction with disabled characters that everybody can enjoy. While I write romance fiction, I also write personal essays that showcase being human with disabilities.


I always strive to do more, but I have done a few things I am quite proud of already.


I'm asking for money so I can create more content. Right now, I have to find other ways of supporting myself to supplement my writing. At the moment, I'm not able to create as much content as I'd like to. with your support, I could create more content comfortably in an industry that struggles to include me.

I'd love to write full time. If you can't become a supporter yourself, share this page with a friend or loved one who loves seeing themselves represented in literature!!


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Latest Posts

After Patreon

Posted by Robert Kingett on Nov 10, 2023
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Hi all, I'm still doing stuff and I am not leaving Comradery! I've been working on moving everything to my own website. In fact, I wrote about moving on from Patreon here,


Let me know how you like it!

My DRM free store is now up.

Posted by Robert Kingett on Dec 12, 2023

New website!

Posted by Robert Kingett on Oct 05, 2023

I stream video games now.

Posted by Robert Kingett on Apr 06, 2022

I am still writing, and creating, but I now also stream my relaxing gaming sessions on the weekends. Because I stream through the console, I only stream on Twitch for now. If this interests you, follow me on Twitch!

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