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Makin' stuff and bein' gay.

Hi, we're Many, a Manifold Mindmesh, Viscountexx of Chitin. We stream to Twitch, post online in a few places findable at, and generally cause nonsense online.

This page won't net you any special rewards, but it's a good way to make sure we keep making Things on the internet. It means the most to us, from the bottom of our disabled queer plural heart.





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Latest Posts

Discord server!

Posted by Many on Nov 02, 2022

Hi all! I now have a discord server, which will be a main way to get updated on things like when we're streaming, what we're working on, behind the scenes decisions and WIP things, all that jazz. Feel free to join at

We're... Here On Comradery!

Posted by Many on Feb 07, 2022

Hi all!! As you can see, we're now on Comradery! We'll continue to probably operate similarly to Patreon, wherein most of our actual updates and things happen off-site, but we'll see what we do with this space.

In any case, hello! 🎉

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