A drawing of my cowsona with its arms outstretched, there is a space like background behind it

sparklejinx✨arts and other sundries

making art for freaks (sometimes) while trying to survive this capitalist hellscape

Note: while this page is live, there is currently an issue with stripe that is getting looked into. In the meantime, you can bookmark this page and support me elsewhere. I will post updates on my art page on mastodon 


I'm Melanie (it/its), I'm a Mad, Fat, Black AND Queer af, otherkin, mentally unstable, disabled, oshian, self proclaimed Bimbo and Cryptid Void Creature. Genderless. I'm Moo!

this page exists as a way to support me. In the future, i hope I'll be able to do videos again, but in the meantime you will be supporting me and my art. You won't be getting any rewards (for now) but any amount will help support me while I try to survive in this capitalist hellscape.


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✨Welcome to my corner of the Galaxy 🌙

Posted by sparklejinx on Mar 28, 2023
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