Posted by Solarpunk Station on Apr 13, 2022

Hi everyone!

I'm excited to be here on Comradery! I've been blogging about solarpunk since 2018, and recently started doing videos as well. If you want to know a little about how I see solarpunk, you may want to read "What is Solarpunk , Anyway?"

If you're new to Solarpunk Station, you may want to check out some of my most popular posts:

1) Re-purposing Malls as Solarpunk Co-housing

2) What is Lunarpunk?

3) Tidalpunk: Come Home to the Sea

4) Solarpunk Phones (link goes to part 1 of a 4 part series)

5) Cities as Ecosystems

Thanks for your support and encouragement over the years, everybody!

- Navarre

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