Posted by Prairie on Jun 27, 2023

Hello to all of our lovely Soft Chaos followers.

We have been doing a lot of work this summer to help develop an accesible curriculum for teaching game design and employment skills to autistic youth. While it has been incredibly rewarding, it has also been incredibly exhausting in a plethora of ways. We haven't had the time to work on our own artistic practises or write about process in the ways we've wanted to.

We still want to thank you all for your support while still being mindful of our capacity, so over the course of this teaching contract we will make one of our games free every month this summer.

This month, we have chosen Memories of Gods

Memories of Gods is a game to be played while falling asleep with someone you want to spend intimate time with. 

You are gods, remembering how you created the world in each others image.

The game asks you  to think about the ways in which the person/people you are going to play with or you yourself are reflected in the world around you. What does your heartbeat sound like on the scale of a god? What does your partner's smile look like? What do their orgasms feel like? 

You then tell the stories of how you created the world together, before you once again tire and fall back asleep.

From now until mid July, it has been made free for everyone.

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