Posted by Prairie on Oct 15, 2021

Hello World!

I’m Allison, the third co-founder of Soft Chaos. It’s finally my turn at the wheel to let you know what has been happening with us (and it has been a lot!).

The first thing that we want to do is give a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far. With your help, we’re almost halfway to our first funding goal.

A quick reminder of our next couple of goals

  • When we hit 150$ a month, we will be live-streaming one of our design sessions a month (and trust me, we’re lovely)
  • At 250$, we’ll post polls to get your opinions, feedback, and suggestions for what you want to see from Soft Chaos. This may or may not include voting on which Eeveelutions I dress my cats up as for Halloween. So hopefully we'll get there in time…
  • At 300$, we will be writing twice as many posts. This will give us the freedom to include more dev logs and design work. We’re doing a lot of cool stuff, and we want to share it all with you!

With that being said, I get to update you on one of the most important parts of Soft Chaos: our practice as artists.

 A lot of starting a workers cooperative is the bureaucracy. I personally have been on hold with more banks and government agencies in the last year than the majority of my life. It has been tiring, and not always nourishing to my artist’s soul. So, we here at Soft Chaos decided to set up structures to ensure that while we get our feet on the ground as a financially sustainable organization, we also continue to make. cool. art.

The first and most important project we have put in place, we lovingly call our “One a Month”. 

We make sure to put aside one evening a week where the cooperative meets in-person to work on a creative project. No business talk. No mention of upcoming grant deadlines or the logistics of opening a bank account in another country or how to get group health insurance. Just making stuff together. This is the reason we formed a cooperative. Because we love the act of creating as a team.

'But Allison,' you may be asking. 'You meet weekly, so why do you call it "One a Month"?'

What a good question! Our goal with these weekly meetings is to create one game or playful experience a month, realistically scoped to make a finished product in that timeframe. We want to be able to experiment with form, content, and narrative within small games that are possible for us to make quickly. We know we’ll come across ideas and projects that we want to expand, but for now, we already have small ones that we love.

We started this process in late August, and already have projects that we're proud of and that you’ll hear about in future updates.  One of them is even a finalist in a design competition!

I can’t express how good it feels to be creating again, and particularly with my two co-founders. We all want to thank you for helping to make our creative practice a sustainable one.


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