Posted by Prairie on Jun 15, 2022

So this has been a busy month for Soft Chaos and for me as an individual, and I’m so excited to get to share some of what is up in the air with you all!

First, and most importantly, it is my birthday month! And on my birthday I got to kiss my girlfriend under a giant double rainbow. Which is the most gay thing you can literally ever do. (second rainbow not pictured in the selfie)A selfie with a fat queer girl kissing a trans girl on the cheek under a rainbow. Both are smiling. 
Secondly: SOFT CHAOS IS IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR FRINGE SHOW RUN! Chad Poober of Poober™ (you know, the Uber of toilets) has been running his Very Important Networking Event at The St-Ambroise Montreal Fringe Festival and has already found two amazing (unpaid) interns to help him leverage synergy and afford that second hover-house-craft in the Bahamas. 

Thirdly: In more boring (but also really rewarding) news, our cooperative has started getting consistent and steady client work. We’re starting to stabilize as a business, which is important.

And finally: I have been working on a queer game about magical girls for the last 8-10 years (who knows what time is these days) and today it has launched for crowdfunding.


This game is really important to me. Partly because I’ve held it so close for so long, and partly because it has grown so much with me. I started working on this game before I was confident in myself as a game designer, and also before I was as confident as I am in myself as a queer person.

Alchemistresses is a game where you use reincarnation as a mechanic to grapple with queer feelings of self-discovery, fire blast baddies who are trying to suck out your best friend’s pure heart force, and trade barbs with your hot ex.

Preparing for a social media campaign makes you really sit down and think about both what you have put into a project, and what parts of that are going to *mean* something to someone.  A lot of that, for me, has been listening.

It’s been so special to be able to play this game with people and watch it connect in ways we didn’t expect, and couldn’t in a million years have predicted. I’ve been lucky to have friends, and even people who were strangers until they played the game with me, become passionate advocates for something I made.  Listening to them talk about *why* they care so much about this game has warmed the cockles of my heart.

So if you’re reading this, and you’re one of those people: Thank you so much! If you’re not, but you think you might become one, be sure to check out the crowdfunding campaign  ; )

from Allison

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