Posted by jekagames on Feb 04, 2022

Hello, hello! Jess here! 

Happy Black History Month! In 2022, the global theme for Black History Month is Black Health and Wellness. In Montreal, it's "Honour the past, inspire the future". It's the perfect time to learn about Black History and support Black people in the present. Depending on where you are, there are lots of resources that can help teach you about Black History as it relates to your surroundings. I think that knowing global history is important, but local knowledge and context can also help you understand how you can act in solidarity with others. Since Soft Chaos is Montreal-based, here's one of my picks: the Massimadi Film Festival! Last summer, I had the pleasure of meeting Laurent Maurice Lafontant, the coordinator of the Massimadi Montréal LGBTQ+ Film and Art Festival, when we spoke on a panel together. This year, the festival runs from February 11th to March 11th. You can watch 26 films for free, streamed at (Here's a round-up of other local-to-Montreal Black History Month events.)


Alongside this, ZineMonth is upon us! You might know ZineMonth as the month formerly known as ZineQuest. That's because this year, after Kickstarter started to talk about cryptocurrency and also moved ZineQuest to August instead of February, many smaller zine creators decided that maybe it was time to replace ZineQuest with a more community-led event, and that it might also be a great time to give Kickstarter alternatives a try! 


You've already heard a bit about Cadences from us. It's just gotten better since we last spoke about it. I'm so proud of what we've made. We've just finalized everything and sent out our first order to the printers. That's because Cadences will be crowdfunded as part of ZineMonth 2022! You can look out for us on IndieGoGo -- the link isn't live yet, but we're launching for mid-February. (Yes, probably on Valentine's Day -- we think that Cadences is going to be a fun thing to do with someone you like spending time with, either because you want to celebrate kissy romantic things or in spite of it). 


The cover of a game called Cadences

Can't wait to share it with you, and we hope you'll support us by picking up a copy when we launch! We have some cool goodies planned to go along with the game.


The Intro to Cadences: The Story of a Distance and Its Pair

All around you right now are incalculable distances, measured in years, measured in heartbeats, measured in steps between, or miles to a destination. Other distances elude our best efforts to quantify them, and cannot be weighed or assigned a number, even if we feel the weight of them settle in our bodies. Distance is a queer thing. No matter how close two people get, the very molecules of their being push them apart, resisting ideas of perfect alignment, making sure that there is always some level of separation maintained. Language is an imperfect tool, too, for communicating just what another person means to us, just how close we wish we could bring them, or how far apart we need them to stay. 

But perfection was never the goal. This is the story — your story — of a Distance and its Pair.

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