Posted by 水仙 on Mar 19, 2023

so i've written a lot over the years, that i don't remember.

& the other day, i was looking through my 2017 folder. bc almost everything in that folder, i don't remember writing.

& i found the text of my okc*pid profile from december 4th, 2017 apparently lmao.

& i was like, ha ha ha. this would be funny to publish.

& today, on the way home, i felt like publishing it.


so i just searched my files again, for "okc*pid".

& then i found this lmao.

& i don't remember writing this at all, but now i think i fuzzily remember who this was about.

he was pretty boring.

most more-privileged* people are, to me.


anyway, this poem i wrote in 2016, turned out to be about misogyny & saneism.

on accident. **




content below: misogyny, saneism, p*lice v**lence






hm. tbh, misogyny & saneism are deeply related. & you can experience misogyny, even if you're not a woman!

[ years ago, some trans/queer people pivoted to calling this oppression "femmephobia" [ terms that end with "-phobia" are ableist, btw, but i will explain some other time, sigh — maybe you can think about why it might be, yourself, first? ] — but there are some issues with that. first of all, misogyny & femmephobia basically mean the same thing: hatred of women / the feminine. ]


yeah, i need to write about that. about misogyny & saneism being deeply related.


western psychiatry/psychology is settler-colonial & white supremacist, & a lot of its function is to literally institutionally gaslight people who are oppressed. if you slap a "disorder" label on them, you can do basically anything you want with them: drug them, imprison them, strip away their rights.

and, you know, now you can also justify killing them — especially if you're a cop!

[ now do you see why saneism + western psychiatry / psychology is so harmful? ]


note: "gaslighting" is a term about actual abuse, that has been distorted, memeified, and made into a buzzword by current culture, especially internet/social media culture.

the term is often misused.

gaslighting is an action where somebody who has hurt/harmed you, or somebody with more power than you, attempts to make you question your reality, and thus discredit your narrative and credibility.

the term originates from the 1938 play, "Gas Light", written by a white male, Patrick Hamilton.



so, misogynistic men tend to use saneist tropes & language to put down women.
even if they're in a supposedly consensual, so-called "loving" relationship.
even if they purport to "like" them.

& they also tend to use saneism to gaslight women when women speak up about any mistreatment.

misogynistic men use saneism to gaslight the women they abuse.

& they also use saneism to destroy their victims' credibility, if the women speak up about it — "she's crazy."

the worst part is, being abused does often [usually? always?] make you "mentally ill" / Mad.

it does often [usually? always?] make you toe out of the social order: express more emotions, need more help & support [especially emotional] & love, etc. — which all makes you seen as "crazy", " "mentally ill" / neurodivergent / neuro-different ", etc. —



for one thing,


naming & calling out abuse & oppression is already toeing out of the social order,


if the social order is dependent on abuse & oppression.




** okay, did you know that this shit literally just comes out of my brain on the fly? like, i didn't plan this post like this, & it actually makes me nervous bc it makes me worry that i'm leaving any potential angles of this analysis out. but like, hopefully, my work is building upon itself, you know? & then y'all can understand all the thoughts in my mind, about oppression & abuse & stuff.

it's an entire lifetime of me basically observing people oppressing each other.
&, you know, tbhespecially, oppressing me.

it's also stuff i have been wanting to write about for years, bc saneism is killing people.



okay, you know what? i made this post too political lmao.

i think i need to separate the poem into the next post lol



* privilege is becoming a super limited framework, especially as more people try to learn about white supremacy & racism / anti-racism, & a lot of people are now misusing these words, & diluting the meanings.

is it white privilege, or is it anti-Blackness, for instance? it's kind of complicated to unpack, but speaking of unpacking, i still think that White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack is a pretty useful introductory essay to understand how "privilege" works in general.

actually, please don't quote me on that right now, since i haven't read it since 2010. [ i'll update this post after i've re-read it, but that probably won't be that soon. ] but it was pretty helpful for me back then.




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