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Comradery will be sustained through member dues, but before then there are a number of startup costs. Servers, domains, legal and accounting fees, and other expenses can add up fast. We will not accept investment and give up member control of the project, so if you can pitch in to help us cover some of these startup costs it will help us to get running quickly.

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Who's asking?

We’re a group of activists and workers spread out all over the USA. The founding member team’s goal is to lend our skills to jump start Comradery as an organization, and hand off duties to new members as we grow and improve.
Cade Underwood

Cade is an organizer and soon-to-be movement lawyer in Philadelphia. Cade researches housing policy, organizes with service workers in Philly, and is developing the legal and financial structures of Comradery.
Majed Elass

Majed is a UX/UI Designer & Developer in the Northern Virginia area and co-founder of Pixel Commerce LLC, a worker co-op that builds web applications. Majed is building the technology that Comradery runs on.
Ty Underwood

Ty is a labor organizer, designer, and professor of design in Seattle. They are working to develop the design and organization structure of Comradery.
John Dorsey

John is a writer, performer and activist currently located in Atlanta Georgia. They are also a co-owner of Pixel Commerce LLC, a digital design worker co-op. John is assisting in the language and copy of Comradery.