The words Luna Oi! with a blue happy-face moon, a pink tongue-out face, and a yellow closed-eyes happy face, with a pink cloudy background.

Luna Oi!

Vietnamese Culture, Food, Travel, and Politics!

Every week, Luna Oi! brings you fun and enlightening news, stories, and education about Vietnam, ranging from traditional recipes and cooking videos to documentaries which explore some of the historic sites and features of Vietnam to deep dives into Marxist-Leninist-Ho Chi Minh theory which guides the people of Vietnam towards socialism!

If you want to learn more about Vietnam and learn about what's happening here from a native perspective, I hope you'll subscribe to me on Twitch and YouTube. And if you want to support me to make more content, please consider becoming a Comrade here on Comradery! I am only able to do this thanks to viewers like you, so thank you to everyone who supports me!




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