The floating cube diorama featured on the Sewer Rave cover art. Colorful sludge, spotlights, cartoon rats, cheese, fruits and rocks decorate the cube made of bricks, with smaller cubes made of bricks floating above the sludge.

Lady Saytenn/Sadie Layton

Art? Models? Music? You want it? It’s yours my friend, as long as you have enough rubies.

Hi, I'm Sadie. I'm a trans lady who makes art that you can see, and art you can hear. I'm highly experienced with Blender 3D, and music made in FL Studio. You might have heard of a Little Indie Game called Sewer Rave, which I did all the music and some promotional artwork for. I also did models for The Chameleon and Undetected, and possibly some more projects in the future. Visit my website for more info.

I like doing personal fanart projects too, mostly involving little girls who nap a lot. Even though I love doing what I do, balancing my personal life and my retail job is difficult. While not required, donating will help improve my quality of life and give me extra motivation to keep going.





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