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juniper cameryn

where interpersonal relationships meet revolutionary strategies

Hi! I'm Juniper Cameryn (they/them)! I'm an autistic, non-binary parent.

My mission is to help people, groups, and organizations raise their levels of differentiation with the vision of creating a world based in cooperation and direct democracy. This is the underlying theme behind all of my writing and content.

I explore a range of issues from lenses that are more academic/critical analyses, to essays that can help guide and support you in doing personal differentiation work and creating sustainable coalition on the left. My writing has been used by individuals and organizations internationally for grassroots movement building, transformative justice projects, leftist study groups and more.

I am creating this Comradery so that I can continue offering accessible content about these crucial topics for free. Accessibility is a primary value in my work, and mediums such as Comradery allow me to create content and connect with my audience without feeling like I have to undermine my values to monetize my message.

That said, I'll be offering two tiers- $5 tier will get access monthly private posts with random musings and updates, probably mostly diary style.  The $10 tier will have access to these personal notes plus you can schedule one consultation with me at any time of your choosing.

In my consultation work, I have worked with individuals, schools, activist groups and more to help guide them through conflict, address serious issues such as abuse, and tackle sticky interpersonal ruptures with integrity.

Where can you find most of my writing?

What I consider my most important writing to date, a distillation of years of thought, research, and work condensed into A Differentiationist Anarchist Manifesto: Towards a Resolution of the Conflicts of Individualism and Collectivism

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www.junipercameryn.com This is my personal website. I recently updated it to have a search bar. You can search any terms related to writings I've done and it will pull up any thing I've posted to the blog there. All canva posts from Instagram are there, and I am currently in the process of transferring Twitter and Mastodon threads.

You can sign up for my newsletter which I use to occassionally update people when I'm off social media here.

Mastodon I am on here pretty consistently even when I'm deactivated on other sites.

Instagram This is where I post most of my essays that deal with interpersonal relationship stuff.

Twitter I crosspost a lot of stuff from mastodon here but also will quote tweet things with commentary unique to this site.


Due to a mix of disabilities and busy life as a parent I do not create content on a consistent schedule. My flow of energy and inspiration is completely random. I will be MIA for months at a time and return with a massive influx of essays seemingly out of nowhere. I hold that this inconsistent access to time and energy doesn't diminish my work, nor make me ineiligible for support (I do not subscribe to capitalist lies surrounding value and worth!). Anyone who signs up as a regular supporter must be cool with this! Otherwise please just make a one-time donation. :)




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Welcome to my Comradery page!! Please read and feel free to introduce yourself!

Posted by junipercameryn on Apr 05, 2023
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