Posted by ty on Apr 22, 2023

Hi Everyone, 


Apologies for letting the devlogs lapse for a while, we’ve been working hard on some underlying architecture improvements that have been preparing us for a better future roadmap. Much of this work has now been accomplished and we’re excited to share about it. 

Over the last few months, one of the biggest changes is that Comradery now works with many more types of users, from more places, more reliably. Payment processing and financial systems are (shocker) a very complicated part of web development, and while we’ve been using Stripe to make this simpler we still have to handle lots of different kinds of users and edge cases from a global banking system. 

A huge number of these problems have been addressed and we’re very happy with the broader range of users who are reliably able to make payments to creators, and the stability that creators have been able to expect from Comradery. The bugs addressed were numerous and mostly within the payment system. 

We’ve also begun partnering with an outside development studio to address future difficult payments processor challenges, and to develop better diagnostic tools for monitoring how Comradery is working at any given moment. The purpose of this is to allow us to shift focus to what everyone wants to see - new features. 

We have planned a roadmap for several highly desired new features and payment options that creators have been asking for, and we’re looking forward to sharing these features as they go live. We’re looking to address areas all around the site, from small UX changes to adding major ways that users and creators can communicate. 


More soon,


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