Posted by ty on Jun 16, 2022

Hello everyone, a new update has been released!

This time around, our goal was to focus on improving the creator experience by making it easier to manage project pages. In addition to that, many areas of the supporter experience were improved, especially for supporters with multiple subscriptions. 


Below is a short list of the new features added - 

  • A new dashboard where creators can manage project pages, tiers, and more
  • Your dashboard now has pagination to reduce load times.
  • Brand new monthly invoice emails with payment details
  • Some supporters didn’t have access to the correct tiers of content, this is now fixed. 
  • Some users were not receiving the correct notification emails in some circumstances, this is now fixed. 


The highlight to this update is the new configurator for creators to manage their projects. 

A screenshot of a mockup of the tier configuration page. Tiers are arranged in a grid with the donation tiers first. Tiers have a toggle option to make them active or inactive. Tiers have a button to edit them for more details.

I’m very excited to share that even though Comradery has been a part-time work of passion for me while my day job is teaching at a technical college, this summer my finances and schedule has worked out where I can work on Comradery full-time until late September. This will hopefully mean speeding up technical releases and onboarding, as well as unblocking some delayed tasks that were put on the backburner this past year. 

Our next update is focused primarily on handling errors and lapsed subscriptions. (I know, exciting right?) There are numerous areas where the platform might silently fail a task without giving the user a reason for what went wrong, and these will be fixed. Additionally, we want to address and automate handling situations where a subscription has lapsed because a card was declined. 

There are many reasons for card declines, including low-balances and expired cards, but also because of Stripe assessing bank risk and other problems that can be fixed by contacting your bank. Some more exotic problems can come from the United States declaring war on or enforcing sanctions against your country suddenly. As anti-imperialist as I want to be there’s not a lot we can do about that one if it comes up. However, in all of these situations we can generate emails to send to users so they can (hopefully) fix the problem and not interrupt payments or subscription service. 

If a subscription has completely lapsed, it’s currently not easy to restart it either. We are planning to add a new checkout flow that can restart a subscription that has completely lapsed to make it easy to return to the same subscription state the supporter was at before the problem showed up. 

In addition to addressing more bugs (thanks for filing bug reports!) We also hope to sneak in a couple of feature upgrades to improve the creator and supporter experience, but I can’t promise anything yet. 


We’ve got a ton of exciting things planned, thanks for sticking with us during the alpha and for all your help in making Comradery better and better. 




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